Richards Quilt

This is Richards quilt for his Mum Sandy and his Sister Vicky.

Lots of things were to be included in the quilt such as, Rugby, the RAF, flip flops which he loved to wear whatever the season, a bow tie and dress shirt, lots of favourite ties which are all included in one of the borders, a favourite dressing up tweed jacket, and a paisley waistcoat belonging to Richards Dad.

I like the mix of Richard in the RAF and Richard in his private life. The flip flops are one of my all time favourites, thank you Vicky for suggesting them. There is also a small part of a pair of Richards flip flops included in the quilt, they are the flip flop straps at the bottom of the quilt between the two blue and white stripe stars. The stars are from one of Richards shirts that was a favourite of his Mum and Sisters.

The backing is a soft flannel perfect for snuggling up with and providing comfort. A fairly difficult quilt to make for various reasons, but very much appreciated by its new owners, whom I hope will find comfort from it for years to come.