Learning new skills

Jeanettes quilt

`A little while ago I visited Odle Farm for a weeks holiday and to teach one of the owners Jeanette, how to make a quilt.

Jeanette is very busy running Odle Farm with her daughter so time was limited. We snatched moments when we could, I taught the putting together of a quilt in stages and basically Jeanette ploughed on until she was at another teaching junction.

There was plenty of running backwards and forwards between Jeanette's home and Honeysuckle cottage (our home for the week), but by the end of my holiday the quilt was almost finished.

I must add that Jeanette had sewn before, just not a quilt. She is a quietly confident sewer. Her only problem seemed to be the amount of work piling up, as in a mountain of ironing from the cottages and breakfast to make for hungry B & B customers. It didn't help that I was forever asking how far she had got on with the quilt. I felt like a bit of a baddy, but just wanted Jeanette to have an almost finished quilt before I left.

So it is my pleasure to show you the almost finished article when I left a few weeks ago.

I am also pleased to announce that Jeanette showed the quilt in her local Summer Fayre and won first prize.