Taking Care of You.

No doubt a lot of you will have seen the photograph on Facebook of Karen running through Boston Common in New England. She has done so well by completing the Couch to 5k challenge and is now officially a runner.

I, on the other hand, don't run, it wouldn't be pretty and I think may resemble Phoebe in Friends so instead I prefer to walk. Since I acquired this rather large boy in my life i do a lot of it.


On average i now walk for about 2- 2.5 hours per day. Madness, but it does help with fitness and i have lost 10lb since getting him so that's a bonus.

You also get to meet lovely people when you have a dog and everyone wants to talk to you. However it is a big commitment and something that needs a lot of thought.

Whichever way you choose its good to take time out for you, do something for yourself and put a little bit of nice into your day.

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Enjoy your day xx