The Comfort of a Quilt

This is a beautiful and moving story that was in the news this week.


After World War Two, thousands of British families were sent packages of food from strangers in the US. But nine-year-old Joseph Briddock and his family were given something unexpected. Seven decades later he is still keeping it safe. 

Joseph Briddock does not remember the box arriving but he remembers the moment it was opened. 

"Some things came out that we had never seen before," he says. The box had been sent from the US and was stuffed full of tins of corned beef, powdered egg, sugar and chocolate.

"I remember getting out these little boxes of cornflakes and my mother opening them and the smell just hit you. It was so beautiful."

Stamped on the side of the box was the word "Care". Set up in 1945, the Co-operative for American Remittances to Europe started a scheme where people in the US paid $10 to send a parcel to families who had been hit hard by the war. 

Thousands of people in the UK received Care packages. Most were filled with food but in one of the boxes sent to Briddock's family there was something unexpected - a patchwork quilt. 

"I remember opening it up and just being absolutely overcome by it," he says. 

The quilt had been sent by the Methodist Ladies of New York. All of the Care packages helped to brighten the days at the end of the war, but for Briddock's mother Annie this was different. 

"It was a real quality thing to get," he explains. "It was so warm and luxurious and they had lost a lot of stuff because we were bombed out three times."

It was his mother who saved the quilt. She kept it with her for 30 years until her death in 1978. Her son found it at her house afterwards and took it home. 

"I've got massive feelings of connection with that time so it's something I would never have let go," he explains.

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Have a lovely Sunday xx