Five Quilts For a Lovely Family

We have been so privileged to be asked to make 5 quilts for a lovely family who sadly lost their husband/daddy in a tragic accident.

The quilts were all designed a little differently to reflect the lives each family member had with their special husband/daddy and they were all very well received as you can see from the comments from our client below.


"The quilts arrived safely this morning at school. Oh my goodness they are all so lovely we can't thank you enough. We reduced everyone around us to tears when we unpacked them but actually the children and I were not upset, which was a surprise actually , we just all felt really happy to have such a lovely personal thing,  and we could talk about every item on every quilt because we remember each item on there and when Chris wore them. The photos in the pockets are also lovely and such a perfect accompaniment (they did choke me up a bit but in a good way).  I'm really quite lost for any more words. What you do is amazing and we thank you both for all your hard work. A set of special memories we will cherish for ever. Thank you. 
Vicky, Will, Poppy , Olivia and Jemma xxx"

It was a complete pleasure to work with you and your lovely family Vicky, we are so pleased you all love them.