The Process of Making

We are proud of our website and proud to have an Etsy shop. As part of the Etsy community they   provide you with helpful hints on how to get customers to your shop. A recent innovation has been to tell the story of your shop through a series of photographs. A handcrafted item is chosen for its unique qualities and design and the years of practise that it took to enable the maker to produce it.

The choice of fabrics is paramount to ensure the colours blend together and enhance the design. For a quilt that is to be used it is always nice to put a few softer materials in as well to ensure the quilt feels cosy and warm.

The fabrics need to be pieced together carefully with beautiful stitching that enhances the design. 

Good communication with our lovely clients is so important to ensure they receive exactly what they would like.

Hand stitching to pick the perfect button or piece of ribbon personalises the textiles in a way that no mass produced item can replicate.


Beautiful wrapping is the final flourish to enhance our handmade items.

Just a little peek at how we do what we do. Please take a look at out shop here to see all that we offer.