Recycling at its most beautiful

At A Little Bit of Nice we love recycling. It is at the core of our business. We take previously worn and loved clothing and all the memories it holds and give it a new purpose. Our memory quilts bring so much joy to our clients and it is so lovely for us to build a picture in our minds of the person who wore the clothes. There is so much history and so many memories in fabrics and patterns, how they are worn and how they enhance the personality of the person wearing them.

We shall soon have some lovely cushions in the shop made from old linen grain sacks. I have a runner on my table with my Swedish bread bowl and it looks amazing.

Whilst at Ardingly we saw many wonderful items that had been or could be re-purposed to enhance your home.


These beautiful ladders looked like they had come from old libraries they could be used for towels, or pot plants in a conservatory or even better to display quilts. Karen and I have an old French apple picking ladder each that we use to display our quilts on at home.


Karen was desperate to get her hands on one of these old industrial cabinets. They came from France and she wanted to fill them with quilts. Will definitely have to take a van next time!

Bye for now Julie x