Cats and Dogs and Cards Galore!

We love to ensure that everything we sell reflects our style and brand and is something we would be pleased to have in our own homes. This is why we chose to stock the stunning cards and notelets from Sally Swannell which blend so well with the colours we love to use for our quilts and cushions. They even have quilts and cushions on some of the designs as well as cats and dogs.

I recognise this pose! Funnily enough since i wrote my blog about Ollie everyone has been asking Karen if she has got a dog! Oops I need to remember to sign my blogs, you can usually tell my blogs by the bad photography which i get told off for! Karen came and took some more professional photographs of Ollie as seen below.


For all the cat lovers here is a picture of Karen's lovely cat Treacle who has the most beautiful colours in her fur and mesmerising eyes.

We are even thinking of putting her on the payroll! Have a lovely Sunday everyone.