Showcasing our Style with Sally Swannell

Here at A Little Bit of Nice we love all things New England, a touch of Scandinavian and a sprinkling of French style.

When sourcing products for our shop we need to work with designers who epitomise our style and have a similar colour palette to the fabrics we use in our designs.

This is why we are so thrilled to stock the beautiful stationery from the talented artist Sally Swannell who originally trained as a natural history illustrator and has gone on to build a very successful stationery and gift business.

Beautiful piles of cushions and quilts on a lovely country style settle. Similar styling to the lovely house cushions we piled onto the garden seat.


Cupboards piled with quilts and beautiful crockery.


Even my house may have potential as a Sally Swannell Christmas house with 6 feet of snow and a paint job!


Please look at this wonderful range of products in our shop at

Have a lovely week everyone.  

Julie xx