Discovering American Tin Ceiling Tiles




Whilst at Ardingly we discovered these American tin ceiling tiles which the stall holder informed us were from a school originally.

We loved their rustic appearance and patterned finish so duly purchased two. These tiles were manufactured originally in the 1880's as an affordable way to dress ceilings. They were originally used to emulate high-end decorative plaster and also to offer some fire protection in the home. This was very important as all home cooking, lighting and heating were done over open flames. Originally the panels were made of raw steel but after some time they started to plate them with tin to slow down the rusting process and so the tin ceiling came about.

Karen discovered that if you spray paint them silver and then use some wire wool on them you get a great decorative effect when placing them in a nice rustic wooden frame.

An original piece of art I am sure you will agree.