WhatsApp! Scary Lady.

It was just a normal chaotic Sunday afternoon in my house. We have re-homed a mad Labradoodle named Ollie who I shall tell you about later so it was probably louder than usual in my house! I was cooking the dinner and texting Karen about work stuff whilst talking to my family, as you do.

We were chatting about my Mum and how she is getting harder of hearing and can never hear what my daughter's are saying to her. Their conversations can be quite funny as she makes up what she can't hear! Suddenly Karen sent me a text, "Who are you getting a hearing aid for? Your house is very noisy!"

This resulted in my two girls muttering the words "freaking me out" and my husband standing aghast with his mouth literally open. He then stated that Karen must be outside our fence and actually went to have a look whilst I text her back asking where she was and how could she hear us? She went into hysterics and told me to think rationally. I don't do rationally, I only know that Karen does have strange and spooky moments and thought it was one of those.

My husband re-appeared saying he couldn't find her and we racked our brains trying to think what was going on. She, meanwhile was beside herself laughing whilst sewing. She left us pondering for some time until finally informing me that I had pressed the little phone icon at the top of my WhatsApp screen and inadvertently rung her. I didn't even know you could ring on What'sApp!!

So a word of warning .......... be afraid, be very afraid if you are as Techno phobic as I am, you could get into a lot of trouble. Like Karen said it was just as well we weren't talking about her!!