All In A Name

Good Morning everyone! You may or may not have noticed that we have changed our name to The reasons for this are that primarily Karen was never particularly convinced about alittlebitofnice feeling that it was too long and tricky to type into a search engine. Also following some advice from someone who knows far more about these things than us, and that's not difficult!, it was better to link the company name to Karen's original blog which has been around for some time. Apparently it is all to do with SEO and complicated technical wizardry that we have both tried to read up on but still find quite alarming.

Karen's previous blog is full of wonderful places to visit, obviously quilts and cushions, Trumpton - don't ask!, lots of moss and rusty items and much Autumn loveliness. If you have the time please read through some of them, they appear under 'older posts' found by scrolling down to the bottom of the blog page. They are our little bits of nice and that is where the business name came from originally.

We are hoping to do some direct marketing by going out to meet new customers at fairs and shows so we shall keep you posted about where we are and we shall be adding to our range of quilts, cushions and lovely products from Nkuku. Karen has just visited their showroom and wants to buy it all!!

Our little team is still the same, Julie on admin with the occasional help of Ollie the mad Labradoodle and all overseen by Karen's cat Treacle who has a more regal air and keeps us in check.

We look forward to this year with new challenges and we hope that we can meet some of you at the fairs and shows.

Have a lovely day.

Karen and Julie