American quilt challenge

In October 2015 I was lucky enough to visit New England for three weeks. In New Hampshire I like to visit a store called It is filled with thousands of bolts of material all set out beautifully and interspersed with quilts and other lovely things to inspire you to make something lovely. To be honest it's mind blowing and way too much to take in on one visit! Luckily we don't stay far away so at least three or four visits are made on each trip I take to New England, which is such a chore!!!! 

I picked up three bags of pre cut squares and one bag of pre cut strips from the fabric range called Frolic in the Snow pictured below.

I gave a bag each to three quilting friends and of course one for myself. The idea was just to make what ever you liked from the bag of material, and add whatever you wanted to it to make a quilt. There was no pressure on when it was to be finished, it would just be nice to see what four different people would make from a bag of the same material.

Jeanette Bowdidge who owns was first to complete hers, I thought this was fantastic with all the snowmen tucked underneath their own lovely cosy quilt.

Next up was myself, and I decided to go with an American feel and as my favourite thing is snow, that had to be included. I also wanted to include American houses with all that lovely space around them, and of course some beautiful Birch trees that are popular in New England. 

Both myself and Julie have been on a quilting break in Cornwall, with a little bit of business thrown in. Julie has managed to fit in some time to start her quilt challenge with a little help from Oliver her dog. When Julie has finished her quilt I will show it to you in another blog along with the fourth and last quilt from my friend Terri.