Spring Flowers in All Their Glory

The sense of anticipation is starting to grow and the spring flowers albeit early are starting to appear. We love them for their brightness, their cheerfulness and their sense of a new beginning.

There is nothing more beautiful than a simple vase or jug of daffodils or tulips to welcome people into your home. Their beauty can be quite fleeting in our centrally heated homes but it is oh so worth it.

As spring takes hold there is nothing like a walk in a bluebell wood filled with dappled light and scent.

Displays in your home can include natural elements such as speckled eggs or beautiful pebbles bringing in the outside in.

How fantastic do these tulips look in our wonderful star candle lanterns? They can be used with candles in or we put small vases inside to display our favourite flowers. They can be found in our shop here http://www.karenbarclay.com/shop/large-white-star-distressed-can-lantern

We think this card sums it all up really!

Have a good day

Karen and Julie