The Wedding Quilt

On Saturday 24th March 2018 my youngest son Tom Barclay married his girlfriend of ten years Rosie Ansell. 

The wedding was organised in three months, a simple but beautiful wedding in Winchester with lots of laughter and meaning.


A beautiful bride, a handsome and proud groom, a beautiful classic mini loaned and chauffeured by a friend of mine and two gorgeous cakes made by another lovely friend, just perfect, with 60 special family and friend guests.

I wanted to mark the occasion with a quilt, so e-mailed all the guests and asked them to send me a short wedding greeting like you would put in a card. I then set to work to pull some of their favourite things together.


The borders contained the messages, the four panels depicted the seasons. Horizontally underneath the seasons I wrote where the couple had lived so far, including a bright yellow tent which they spent two months in whilst walking the Devon and Cornwall Coastal Path! It also has a picture of them and their tent they slept in whilst walking the path, which I managed to do in free arm sewing style on my machine. I'm new to this so it took some attempts, they at one point looked like a Rastafarian and Shrek!


The quilt was hung on the reception room wall for all to see during the wedding dinner and party. It will follow the bride and groom wherever their lives take them for many years to come and hopefully passed down through the generations to remember a really happy day.