Watercress and potato soup

Summer seems to have gone, and now we need to keep away all the illnesses that autumn  and winter brings.

We make soup in our home, lots and lots of soup. It's so easy and most soups are a quick meal in themselves, accompanied with a massive chunk of healthy artisan bread.

I'm all for five day weekends.

I love weekends, especially the ones where you have done everything during the week, all that is left to do is have a nice time for two days.This weekend was one of those, we had my youngest son and his girlfriend visit, we saw nice things, ate nice things, enjoyed each others company, and we managed to fit in the all important relaxing doing nothing. However I feel all that was lacking was three more days.


I dont know about you but I'm getting in the Autumn mood, so I thought just to get you into the mood I would show you some of my old photographs of my past Autumn/Fall trips to New England. I apologise for the quality of the photographs, but still thought they were worth looking at.

My husbands birthday cake.

Some of you have asked for the recipe for my husbands tree birthday cake.Julie my friend made him this lovely tasty cake for his birthday, the tin it was made in is called a bundt tin which you can purchase from John lewis, it is quite expensive but the end result is very impressive, great for christmas coming up.