A simple message from Bill's.

Bill's window Lewes
Bill's window Lewes

Eating should be a simple pleasure. Weather it's a noisy affair with friends and family gathered around the table or just you and a sandwich in the sun...... so have some fun, explore new foods, experiment with new flavours and get out there and eat something that makes you smile.

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Bill's has changed recently due to it being sold and rolled out as a chain, it is still very good but if you are reading this Bill I miss your original fruit and veg shop in Lewes.

I'm afraid the Lewes branch of Bill's no longer has the stunning displays of fruit and veg to buy and take home.

I am pleased for you Bill. You worked long and hard to achieve your goal. I doubt if we will see a fruit and veg shop that for me, resembled more of an art gallery.

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