It's dead, no a, no nothing, I can see who is calling me,texting me, e-mailing me, but can't get to any of them to pick them up! The nice man at Vodafone said "you can change your contract in 10 days time, until then we can't do anything, have a nice day, goodbye" that was after being cut off twice. Any way how does 'we cant do anything' and 'have a nice day' go together might I ask. Soooooooooooooo frustrating! Poor old Blackberry. Whilst I'm at it how does not putting the full set of lights on in my local supermarket until 15 minutes after they have opened make any sense? Why are there never any trolleys outside the doors, but plenty in the car park you have just walked from?

Also who decided it was sensible to build another million houses in my local area when the roads cant seem to cope with the traffic we have already, and the doctors certainly cant cope with what they have already.

I could go on but I wont, have you noticed that the title of my blog page say's 'A bit of something nice to brighten your day (mostly)', well today is mostly, I've lasted over two months before I've  used the mostly, do you have any mostly's/pet hates? You have 24 hours to post them here, then we are going back to a bit of nice.

Roll on March the 10th, I'll hopefully be back in the land of the living.