First of all watch five minutes of this video, or all of it if you would like to, pay particular attention to the street and houses.

O.K now take a look at these photographs.

Look familiar?

Now read all about a place called Lacock especially this bit.

The village, which dates from the 13th century and has many limewashed half-timbered and stone houses, was used as a location in the TV and film productions of Pride and Prejudice, Moll Flanders, The Cranford Chronicles and Emma. The Abbey also featured in the recent Harry Potter films.

Now all you need to do is go visit. A tiny little place but well worth a day out, brilliant fun if you have watched one of the programmes that has been filmed there, then you try and work out who lived where. The only thing that I found odd was the cars lining the streets, houses like that don't look right somehow with cars outside their doors, not great for picture taking either, but I guess if you live there for real then you would want your car outside your house, just a shame that's all.

And yes that's right all you people from across the pond, we do actually live in houses like this, well some people do, and no we don't dress in long dresses and bonnets anymore!

I found this article quite interesting, if you have enjoyed the above you might too.