Do you remember where?

I was thinking today about that saying we sometimes hear, 'Do you remember where you were when ........'Well thinking back not so long ago on that very wet day 'Do you remember where you were when it was the Queens Diamond Jubilee'?

As most of you know I was painting my kitchen in between watching all the events unfold on the TV, you may also remember that I mentioned a certain relative of mine was at the Savoy with his company filming a very special street party.

Savoy Court is a private road re-designed in the Art Deco style, for the Diamond Jubilee the Savoy closed off the street, beautifully transformed it and served a Jubilee lunch to invited guests. The fountain was engineered to flow with a gin almond and Champagne Diamond Jubilee cocktail. It all looked very stunning and I would like to invite you to watch this equally stunning video of the event unfolding.

My favourite bit has to be the Corgi kissing the little girl on the nose, her response is wonderful! What is your favourite part? Would you have liked to have been invited to the party?