Do you think we may have gone Queen mad?

I noticed this article in the Daily Mail today, mmmmmmm not at all sure about it, what do you think?

The 11ft high tub has been created to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee anniversary and takes pride of place next to a similarly sized pot in the image of Prince Philip.

Each terracotta tub weighs more than half a tonne and the pair took a team of sculptors more than two months to make.

The 'Royal bouquet' contains more than 100 different varieties of flowers and cost more than £10,000 to put together.

Flowers featured include orchids, roses, ivy, daisies, fuchsias, gerberas, geraniums, perennials, ferns, conifers and moss.

They might find a permanent home in Buckingham Palace where perhaps the Queen's green-fingered son Prince Charles might offer to water them from time to time. Gardeners need a stepladder to give the colourful contents of the Queen’s pot a Royal trim,

The flowerpots were commissioned by TV shopping channel QVC as it launches its gardening season.

QVC’s head gardener Richard Jackson explained: “We wanted to create something spectacular to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, which would also inspire Brits to think creatively about their own gardens.

On a more positive note I am loving this couple called The Civil Wars, and as luck would have it they are coming to the U.K and will be in Southampton in November, tickets already booked.