Happy Mothers Day

Coffee and cake in The Garage Lounge Southsea  (second visit, not so crowded, stunning) was the order of the day, followed by a nice lunch in Belle Isle Southsea, thank you Sam it was lovely.

My mothers day card has inspired me to get on with sorting out my downstairs loo, all to be revealed in a future blog.

Reports back from The Sketch restaurant from Tom my youngest son were very good, well worth a visit if you are in London and like the unusual.

Flu still seems to be lurking in our house, energy is not something we seem to have much of even after three weeks! Annoying, very very annoying.

Progression with new camera is slow, forgive me if some photo's are not quite up to scratch, the hardest thing I find at the moment is looking a bit odd taking pictures of all and sundry in public places, I shall just have to get over it for the sake of some improvement. To get good pictures you really do have to make some very odd positions with your body, crouching on the floor of a coffee shop to get a good picture of a cake doesn't do much for your street cred with your son I've discovered!