I've lost my a! Have you got it?

I'm not a gadget person, I'm not, but there are a few things that I would really really miss if I lost them or they broke. My Apple laptop which I have loved for a very long time, I have been known to sit and stroke it, It goes wherever I go, sadly I probably need a newer one. My camera, it's not flash in fact it's a bit broken and is held together with a hair band! I like the feel of it, it has become part of me and has been on lots of travels, I probably need a new one.

My Blackberry curve phone, now to be honest for years I carried around a orange house brick of a phone, it was very basic and in its last years was held together with gaffer tape, if I was painting someones room it didn't matter it had character. If I was gardening it got thrown in my tool box, it was fine. If I lost it I didn't worry it would turn up..It spent a long time with me, but to be honest I probably did need a new one. My son told me I didn't look the part with my gaffer taped phone, what would my customers think of me? (I didn't care really, it was my expertise they were after not my mobile!) For mothers day last year my son gave me a Blackberry, I was horrified, look at all the button's, it has e-mail, oh good god you could have BBM friends whatever that was supposed to mean! I looked grateful but was actually thinking how on earth was I going to cope with this.

Now I'm not bad with technology, it doesn't frighten me, I'm not young, I've had a big birthday last year it wasn't 40! I'll press keys, upload all sorts of useful things, and generally try things out or read manuals about things I don't understand until I do.

I bought a manual for my phone, much to the hilarity of my two son's, it was excellent. I soon got used to the phone and learned all about it. I'm very independent and like to learn things on my own if  I can. I also learn in a very odd way, so I'm not willing to share my learning curve with many people, they would laugh! But it works for me and that's what counts.

I now have BBM friends, one in particular (Hi Julie) is great, I text her, not with the sort of rubbish you see on facebook like "I'm eating a sandwich" but more like "I'm having a bad day my car has died and it's going to cost £500 pounds to fix, it was only coming in for a service! Tell me something funny or nice I need to laugh". I send her pictures for free of nice arty things that I know she will like and be interested in. I hope it makes her day more fun for a few seconds. I'm not intrusive she can choose to ignore me if she is busy, but generally it works both ways, we like it, its keeping in touch when we have very little time to spare.

My e-mails come through to my phone which is useful, I know throughout the day what is going on instead of waiting for the evening to check them on my laptop, (my lovely Apple laptop) in short I now love my Blackberry and would miss not having it.

Did you know that if you accidentally throw your blackberry down a toilet you are still in with a chance of making it work? I'll not explain how it happened but will just say if you take the battery  and sim card out and fill the phone with rice (dried not cooked!) then immerse the phone totally in rice in a container and leave it overnight, cross everything and do a lot of praying to whoever you fancy it will work again. This happened to me some time back, to say I was relieved was an understatement. My husband was not so relieved, he said it had never been so quiet when it was broken. He has three phones which he hates and very rarely looks or answers any of them, which is very annoying. He has roughly one text message a week which is usually his service provider, he is billy no mates! He tops up about £10 every 6 months!

To get to the point of today's blog I've lost my a! I now send texts like this, "Hi how re you tody? my hed is much better thnk you, shll we meet up for dinner on fridy, looking forwrd to ctching up on ll the news. Kren xx

I sent a text to my blackberry giving son about my missing a, his text read, well perhaps you shouldn't have thrown it down a murky toilet!

I sent a text to my oldest son about my missing a, I like to share my misery with my closest!  His eleven return text's read, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a,  the twelth text read jealous ha ha!

I sent a text to my BBM friend saying "Cn you tell which letter is not working on my phone, it is very nnoying. She replied that is very nnoying, and how is your hed? She is not funny, plus she has an a so she should use it. (read first blog re hed)

So if you see my a or you have a spare one please pass it on to me, I love my Blackberry phone but I probably need a new one.

Tomorrow I will blog the first of my "It's friday lets visit somewhere wonderful".  I will have pictures, lots of pictures, I will not mention a's!

I'm loving this song sung by Angus Stone, check it out.