Naomi House Santa Run

Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately, things have been a bit hectic since I returned from my holiday. I am looking forward to posting lots of nice Christmas things as from the end of next week, Santa's grotto eat your heart out! A tasteful Santa's grotto of course. On December the 9th Mr B and my eldest son Sam are taking part in the Santa Run in Winchester, which is 5k. They have to raise £50 to be able to take part. The money will be going to an amazing charity called Naomi House, which is a children's hospice based near Winchester. Click here to learn more.

A few years ago my youngest son Tom cycled with a friend from John O' Groats in Scotland to Naomi House to raise money for them, followed all the way by Mr B in a very large camper van. I think it was one of those things that you do once but never again.

If you feel that it is a good cause you can donate through the links below. Thank you in advance.


This link is for Sam's fund raising page.

This link is for Mr B's fund raising page.

I am not going to make a habit of fund raising on my blog, but seen as it's nearly Christmas and this one is for children I thought I would. Have a great weekend.