Running, who'd have thought.

I am not a very big person, especially in height, and for a long time have weighed 8.5 stone. However something weird has happened this last few years, I guess it's age!

I have always been active and these last few years has been no different, but I have ended up being 10 stone plus on a bad day.  I decided this cannot go on as I felt terrible, so I went back to my hours long exercise video and it has helped.

However nine weeks ago my husband suggested we go running, he has run marathons in the past but now prefers a jog on a daily basis. this has been hampered by a knee problem that has stopped him from even doing that.

So we started the Couch to 5k that has been suggested to people by the NHS in a bid to get people fit, which is a gentle way to get you used to running.

I am amazed that after nine weeks I can now run for thirty minutes every other day and hold a conversation (much to my husbands disgust) he likes to drift off whilst running so I will have to start plugging myself into my ipod.

Joking apart, I have him to thank for this as I couldn't have done it on my own. I don't always find it easy but I am secretly pleased with myself, and hopefully one day I will not be 10 stone! Ill keep you posted.

Excuse the weird look on my face but running is still a challenge and I had just come back.

If you are interested in the challenge click here to find out more.