As promised from Saturdays blog here are some things that my eldest son Sam has made/drawn/sculpted in the past. The sculpture head he made whilst in Senior school, he left it at school, but I loved it and bought it home, it sits on my kitchen windowsill.

The stencilled canvasses were an experiment in his spare time, I think you will agree they are pretty clever,

Before he started his Uni Degree he had to do a foundation course, the still life drawings were part of this, they had one minute to complete each of them.

The boots were made for one of the Uni projects  the idea was to make something completely out of paper.

I think you will agree he is very talented, but I am his mum so I don't count! What are your views?

Go to to see more of his work as a Graphic Designer.

He is also a pretty good plumber, but there are only so many ways you can do soldering artistically! Still waiting for my copper pipe sculpture if your reading any of this Sam!