Some early birthday presents.

Do I need two more cookery books? No

Would I like two more fantastic cookery books? Yes.

Anyway need and would like are two different things, when my son's were little they used to say "I need it" and I would always reply "no you don't need it, you would like it" so all is good.

Back to the plot, I am now the early birthday owner of Breakfast Lunch Tea from the Rose Bakery.

Rose Bakery
Rose Bakery

Rose Carrarini of Rose Bakery holds a passionate philosophy that, food can be achieved  by everyone. Simplicity, freshness and the ability to choose the right things to cook are the keys to success and, with Rose's guidance and recipes, perfection and pleasure are easily attainable.

It is one of my sons favourite places to eat.

The book is set out very simply and I look forward to tasting some of the delicious looking contents.

My other book I have mentioned before is called What Katie Ate, the book has only recently been released and is truly amazing to look at, if the finished dishes are half as good as they are visually pleasing then I will be happy.


I have already made the stunning friands on the front cover and can report that they are delicious. if like me you don't know what a friand is, it is a small French cake, often mistaken for a pastry. It is popular in Australia and New Zealand. It is usually made with almond, flour and egg whites.

The oval shape of the cake is very different and the size is just perfect, not huge like some muffins where you feel they are possibly a bit too much for one person. You can make them in muffin tins, but if you fancy a friand mould then go to where you can purchase one, I found it impossible to find any in the shops.

I had a lovely day today having lunch with my two sons, it was nice to hear all their news, and like most of you mums out there I will now mull over what they have said and be proud and also worry about them until I see them next.

Such is the life of a mother!

This is my favourite picture of my eldest son Sam, who has a good sense of humour and has always been a smiler, well most of the time anyway!

I am routing for him as he is in his last two months of university, it's a stressful time but I am confident that he will be an amazing Graphic Designer, he has impeccable good taste.