The Liverpool Giants.


I am guessing most people have seen this or heard about it over the weekend, I think it's worthy of a mention for those of you that have missed it. I came across this French Company some years ago and watched the giant girl marionette in a video with a giant elephant, the video was mesmerising! The People of Liverpool were very lucky to have a visit this past weekend, what struck me was that a lot of people watching were overcome with emotion, I think that was probably a combination of the sheer scale of the event and how well everything is portrayed.

Three giant marionettes, a 50ft (15m) man, a 30ft (9m) girl, and a 9ft (2.74m) dog, called Xolo, spent the weekend traversing the streets of Liverpool, in an event commemorating the Titanic disaster.

Sea Odyssey, the last production to use European legacy funding from Liverpool's 2008 Capital of Culture year, was inspired by a letter a 10-year-old girl posted in 1912 to her father, a bedroom steward on the Titanic.

'Spirit of childhood' French street theatre company Royal De Luxe, based in Nantes, created a story of a giant who perished on the Titanic, his orphaned little girl giant, her diver uncle and a giant dog.

The girl's uncle had spent a century diving the wreck of the Titanic to retrieve her father's last letter.

The story was played out over three days, to the backdrop of some of Liverpool's best known landmarks.

I have included some You Tube video's which I think show this amazing spectacle in all its glory.

If you ever get the chance to see any of the French street theatre company Royal De Luxe's events you are in for a huge treat of excellence.