You must listen to this.

I had a very productive bank holiday weekend. We had just had a weeks holiday, so decided (even though it was nice weather),  we would spend this weekend sanding and painting doors, or should I say more doors, clearing out the mess in the cupboards that the doors hide, eating nice food, practicing tunes on the guitar and singing (Mr B not me), a bit of gardening, and sorting through yet more magazines before chucking them out. I feel cleansed and have made a mental note not to clutter up cupboards again, and if my doors go custard yellow one more time I'm moving! If I am stood or sat in one place for a long time, for example painting doors, I like to listen to Radio 4. In a past life I sat for hours in a rather large shed/workshop in my back garden working as a florist, this was just right for listening to Radio 4. You tend to have to go with the flow with whats on at the time, and to be honest some things are a bit too intellectual for me. So, at those points I would drift off in my own thoughts coming back when something more suitable for my brain came on, although subconsciously more goes into that brain than you realise. I have loads of information in my head that could have only come from my Radio 4 days.

I am a big fan of Gardeners question time and the Archers, and no this isn't because I'm getting old, I have always liked them. There are also some really interesting and hugely amusing programmes, and as I said before, you learn all sorts of weird and wonderful things without realising.

In those past life days, my husband would come home from work and I would often start a conversation with "Did you know" and my husband would answer "oh god radio 4 again". I miss those days.

Any way getting back to my weekend, I was fortunate to hear 'Kerry's list' which was after Womans hour (I like that too) and before the shipping forecast, the very English, seen on all mugs posters and tea towels shipping forecast.

Kerry's list was produced and acted by  Kerry Godliman, you may now her from a recent series that Ricky Gervais wrote called Derek, where she was cast as a care home manager called Hannah.


Kerry's List  is a scratch-and-sniff collage of Kerry's life; there's a bit of sitcom, surreal sketches and Kerry doing stand-up."

I laughed lots at this programme, and I'm sure like me you will hear something that rings true to your own life at some point. Unfortunately you have missed programme 1 unless you listen to it at 7.30am on Radio 4 Extra on Tuesday 7th May. Otherwise you can listen to programme 2 by clicking here. Programme 3 will be on next monday at 11.30am on Radio 4 or soon after on BBC IPlayer (radio).

Let me know what you thought about it, it's a bit off the wall but then aren't we all.

Lastly my husband has just sent me this, he knows me well.