This is my cat Treacle, strictly speaking she belongs to my Sons but they forgot to take her with them when they left home!

My youngest son left home five years ago and for this Treacle has never really forgiven him! She has got better in recent months in as much as she will stay in the house when he visit's, all be it not in the same room.

To be honest although she looks lovely she is not that friendly, she likes to ignore most people except when we are away, then whoever is looking after her is her new best friend!

The vet described her as neurotic, and added that if she was a person she would be very interesting to a psychologist.

Mr B finds her infuriating, she has never paid him any attention and he is a cat person, who also has paid for her food and general well being over the last 15 years! She really only likes me and my eldest son, what can I say!

Likes: Me and eldest son/sleeping in a cupboard upstairs/hissing at Mr B/food/galloping around the house pretending to be a horse/catching frogs.

Hates: most people/fireworks/any sort of loud noise.