Have you been resting today before getting back to normal?

I considered taking down the decorations but couldn't face it, I may regret this!

We had an exploding chestnut, it's amazing how far a single chestnut can spread, and it's quite funny really once you have gotten over the shock of not actually being shot by a gunman in your house!

I've made Parsnip and ginger soup from the River Cottage Veg everyday book.

I have lots of words of wisdom around my house, on walls, on cards and various other places, as I am thinking about 2012 I am remembering lots of them in my glued together head, I will share in another blog.

Tomorrow I can wash my hair for the first time in 5 day's, I have resorted to a baseball cap, I look like a Pizza delivery person! The hat serves two purposes, 1: to hide my disgusting hair, 2: if I'm honest it's to stop me picking the glue out of my head, it is somewhat satisfying but not a good thing I'm sure.

Check out The Fancy website, because a little of what you fancy does you good.