A December day with no rushing.

We have taken time out of shopping, wrapping, card writing and rushing. These are December days as they should be.A 5 mile walk around the countryside of Alresford in Hampshire, a leisurely lunch and a small unrushed bit of window shopping in small privately owned well thought out shops, I don't count that as shopping!

I blame the rain!

This was how my day started, at work by 6.30am finish by 12.30, then gardening was on the agenda. I am so far behind with gardening due to the rain. Yesterday, as you can see from my previous blog, was like summer so to be hurled straight back into a damp dull day is not funny, still nothing you can

Hankering after a good bakers.

This week I have managed to shake off the flu (mostly), I've been back to work , I've tried to make myself look more back in the land of the living , its been nice to be more back to normal but catching up has been hard, especially without my phone! (Sorry that's the last time I mention the Blackberry) Blogging has taken a bit of a back seat I'm afraid, but whilst I was ill one of the thing's I kept thinking was that I would really love a good local bakery, the nearest one I know of is a lady who has a market stall in Winchester in the high street, or Caracoli in Winchester or Alresford, not exactly local.