The pictures have a home.

Do you remember my blog some time ago about some cards I had collected, well they have finally found their new home. First of all I showed you the old cloakroom  then I showed you it about a third finished and now here it is completely finished. I struggled taking pictures in such a small room and am not entirely happy with the finished pictures, however you can't start something and not finish it so here it is.

What to dress a cloakroom window with?

Take two H&M Linen table runners and sew curtain tape to the long length of one for the valence, screw a batten of wood above the window and pin the table runner with no curtain tape on it to the batten, then pin the valance over the top of that, tie back the curtain with a slate heart and some string. Add a few of your favourite things to the windowsill and there its all dressed. EASY!

Cushions, how many do you have?

I am a self confessed cushion collector, in my opinion you just cant have enough! Every chair needs one, all beds need as many as you can possibly stack onto them, and the Sofa well, do you really need to sit on it? My favourites come from LexingtonH&M home, Shops in New EnglandWarren KimbleBetsy Jarvis, The Country Carriage and me.