London video Reviews

Two things.

Today I had a session at the Osteopath, it hurt lots, I felt sorry for myself so I bought my self some flowers, they don't make my body feel any better but they are nice to look at. I need a job that pays good money, doesn't involve too much physical exertion, but is interesting and arty, suggestions on a postcard please, or even better offers on a postcard please. Secondly I would like to go and eat at this tree house restaurant , Tom they don't have a video so get yourself to New Zealand quick smart! They need you.

This Weekend

It's been cold but no snow! A visit to Wickham Mill provided a nice old shaker stool to paint, and  J'adore la maison and Tom supplied some Chalk Board paint, the Chalk board is now up and running if not a little empty at the moment, thank go to you both, I wasn't sure about it but now love it, I'm sure it will make very interesting reading over the coming months!