New England

New England so far

Thought I would just share with you what we have seen in New England so far, the weather has been unseasonably warm for the time of year with plenty of sun and a few hours of torrential rain. The last few days have flown past as we get used to the time difference and a different way of life. Boston has been lovely and now we are looking forward to  tomorrow and the more gentle side of Vermont.

Showcasing our Style with Sally Swannell

Here at A Little Bit of Nice we love all things New England, a touch of Scandinavian and a sprinkling of French style.

When sourcing products for our shop we need to work with designers who epitomise our style and have a similar colour palette to the fabrics we use in our designs.

Autumn has arrived.

Autumn has arrived in our home and garden, it is my favourite time of year. Beautiful colours, amazing food, nice walks, cosy evenings, pumpkins and squashes (not just for halloween),  and if you are really lucky a trip to New England for the fall.

Nice things on our travels today.

We are now in Southern Vermont, we have seen some lovely things on our travels and one funny thing! Even though he wasn't going to kill us we still didn't give him a lift! What's worse than hitching a lift? Someone taking a picture of you trying to hitch a lift.

Canterbury Shaker Museum.

Today was once more like a summers day, so we set off for the Canterbury shaker Museum in Canterbury New Hampshire New England USA.The houses and paint colours are amazing, and the whole place exudes calm and tranquility, sadly no shakers live there now and only four shakers exist in Maine.


I dont know about you but I'm getting in the Autumn mood, so I thought just to get you into the mood I would show you some of my old photographs of my past Autumn/Fall trips to New England. I apologise for the quality of the photographs, but still thought they were worth looking at.

My husbands birthday cake.

Some of you have asked for the recipe for my husbands tree birthday cake.Julie my friend made him this lovely tasty cake for his birthday, the tin it was made in is called a bundt tin which you can purchase from John lewis, it is quite expensive but the end result is very impressive, great for christmas coming up.

My friend Julie, a brand new Mini and a barking dog called Lottie!

Let me introduce you to my friend Julie, we worked together many years ago and have remained friends, we have similar interests and have a bit of a passion going on for starting up a business, so if anyone out there has a spare barn in a good location and a money tree let us know please! She is also a fantastic cake maker and cook, more about that on monday.


Firstly, I apologise for not sending out many blogs lately. I have been silly busy, and as some of you know I am self employed. Being self employed is a good thing but lunch hours, tea breaks and days off sick just don't exist, and if you are a bit of a maniac like me, occasionally you burn yourself out!

Last of the summer roses, and a bit of America.

I'm enjoying the last of my summer roses, these ones are called Heritage by David Austin. They have been very good this year, they flower twice, once at the begining of June and again at the end of August, I must have had about 300 blooms altogether, they obviously like lots of rain and not too much heat, which is exactly what our summer has consisted of this year, so I guess there is always a bright side to most things!


Over the years I have made many quilts. I was originally inspired by the New England Folk Art look, and 99% of my materials are American as I love all the earthy colours that you don't seem to get in English materials. The soft flannel material is my favourite, it's very cosy. My quilts are made to be used not to be put on show and not touched, my son's had them (and still do), when they were smaller they watched TV wrapped up in them, pulled them around them for comfort when they were ill, and they have taken them with them to their new homes.

This is definitely my kind of interior.

I found this house today whilst searching for a way to improve my house.  It belonged to Nancy Fishelson, she is a restorer of houses, and is amazing at turning an old house, sympathetically, into a comfortable modern home. The house is a 1795 clapboard house on 20 acres in Woodbury, Connecticut, New England. This is the house in it's original form.