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I have two friends that wanted to visitPetersham Nurseries in Richmond London, we left it until April thinking it would be warmer. It was sooooooo not warmer,  but just as stunning all the same. I have no hesitation in blogging Petersham Nurseries for a third time, it's a beautiful place to have a coffee with gorgeous cake and very pleasant attentive staff.

Dinner today, and a valentines gift.

Every month I try to buy the Waitrose kitchen magazine, it has some lovely recipes and interesting food articles. Today I made Ribollita which is a bread soup from the Feb edition of Waitrose magazine, Lucy bond head gardener of Petersham Nurseries shares her recipe.

It's nearly the weekend lets eat cake.

The weekend fast approaches and just incase it rains AGAIN lets cook Lime and Blueberry drizzle dream cake, then we can console ourselves with a huge slice of cake and a nice cup of New England coffee!

More from Petersham nurseries.

Due to popular demand I am showing you the rest of my photographs from Petersham nurseries, I don't really think they need any explanation, just grab a coffee and something nice to eat and sit and drool over such gorgeousness!