I'm all for five day weekends.

I love weekends, especially the ones where you have done everything during the week, all that is left to do is have a nice time for two days.This weekend was one of those, we had my youngest son and his girlfriend visit, we saw nice things, ate nice things, enjoyed each others company, and we managed to fit in the all important relaxing doing nothing. However I feel all that was lacking was three more days.

Goodbye Olympics I've enjoyed watching you.

I confess I didn't know what to think about the U.K hosting the Olympics, we sometimes don't get things quite right, but congratulations to everyone involved it has been excellent, and if you have unexpectedly been like myself getting hooked on the media coverage, you may get more done when it is finished! I have had the T.V on most of the time when I have been home and have from time to time been sat on the edge of my seat shouting at the T.V!

Winchester Twilight photography evening with Michael Palmer.

Yesterday I told you that Mr B would be going on a Michael Palmer Twilight photography evening, it was by all accounts a fun evening where you learnt quite a lot of new things.Here are a few of the photographs that were taken last night, some just looking around Winchester seeing what you liked the look of, others learning to take pictures in the dark and play with light. Plenty of new tricks and ideas to come home with and improve on in future picture taking.

A catch up weekend.

This weekend has been a catch up weekend, which is good as the weather is STILL pretty lousy.We have emptied the loft of my Son's stored belongings as he and his girlfriend move from Winchester to London next weekend. Because we don't have to help move them (horrrrraaaaahhhhhhhh!) we washed all linens and clothes and ironed them. We are good like that, but in reality it is just our way of helping, which as I've mentioned is infinitely better than driving a lorry to the centre of London.

Hankering after a good bakers.

This week I have managed to shake off the flu (mostly), I've been back to work , I've tried to make myself look more back in the land of the living , its been nice to be more back to normal but catching up has been hard, especially without my phone! (Sorry that's the last time I mention the Blackberry) Blogging has taken a bit of a back seat I'm afraid, but whilst I was ill one of the thing's I kept thinking was that I would really love a good local bakery, the nearest one I know of is a lady who has a market stall in Winchester in the high street, or Caracoli in Winchester or Alresford, not exactly local.

This Weekend

It's been cold but no snow! A visit to Wickham Mill provided a nice old shaker stool to paint, and  J'adore la maison and Tom supplied some Chalk Board paint, the Chalk board is now up and running if not a little empty at the moment, thank go to you both, I wasn't sure about it but now love it, I'm sure it will make very interesting reading over the coming months!