Our Blogging Style

Hello everyone!

We are lucky to have a lot of new people looking at our website and Facebook posts so we thought that we would introduce all you lovely people to our blog. Obviously we write about quilts and cushions as they are the core of our business but we also love to tell you about nice places we visit and the beautiful walks we take.

It's nearly the weekend lets eat cake.

The weekend fast approaches and just incase it rains AGAIN lets cook Lime and Blueberry drizzle dream cake, then we can console ourselves with a huge slice of cake and a nice cup of New England coffee!

More from Petersham nurseries.

Due to popular demand I am showing you the rest of my photographs from Petersham nurseries, I don't really think they need any explanation, just grab a coffee and something nice to eat and sit and drool over such gorgeousness!

A catch up weekend.

This weekend has been a catch up weekend, which is good as the weather is STILL pretty lousy.We have emptied the loft of my Son's stored belongings as he and his girlfriend move from Winchester to London next weekend. Because we don't have to help move them (horrrrraaaaahhhhhhhh!) we washed all linens and clothes and ironed them. We are good like that, but in reality it is just our way of helping, which as I've mentioned is infinitely better than driving a lorry to the centre of London.

The kitchen is finished and a special offer for you.

I love wall stickers, my favourite ones are word phrases, check out this one newly installed in my kitchen. If you like this sort of thing then I have a treat for you, you can get 10% off your order. All you have to do is click here choose your wall sticker, then give the very lovely and super efficient people at deluxe wall stickers a call on 0121 3733047 mention the Karen Barclay blog and place your order (please do not place it on ebay the offer only stands if you ring them) They are open monday-friday 8.30am to 4.30pm. Do you remember my other wall sticker? Our new baby! I feel a cake coming on or a scrummy loaf of sour dough bread!

The Cake, and Indian Runner Duck clip.

Quite a few of you have asked me for the cake recipe in  mondays blog, called Spiced Apple Cake. As you know we are all going to be snowed in this weekend (I wish!) so you all need to bake one for emergency supplies, or two or three! Obviously if it doesn't snow you can eat all of the cake as a kind of conciliation prize!