A very lovely lady bought me a very thoughtful gift at Christmas, a very beautiful box of nine chocolates decorated with tea cups and cakes. They were to be eaten whilst having a break from making quilts for people, although I have to confess that the greatest pleasure I had from them was just looking at them, even though eating them felt pretty good too.

Cooking for a baby shower.

After saying on yesterdays blog that I didn't do sugary colours today I have spent my entire day with just that!We baked for a baby shower to be held on Saturday, I discovered that a lot of icing sugar and butter makes me feel decidedly ill to say the least, however we are pleased with our end results but I don't want to see any more icing sugar this side of Christmas!

What was it?

Some of you by now will know what I like and what my tastes are from previous blogs. I have been bombarded with all things Easter on my travels just lately, which largely seems to have consisted of pale sugary colours, something which for me, no matter how hard I try I just can't do, so when I found this beautiful time warn container I new that I would be able to do my own personal take on Easter.

Easter, Chocolate, Plans, and a bit of a quiz.

It's nearly Easter, I plan to eat chocolate for breakfast, help a certain person make cakes for a baby shower, clear out the loft mmmmmm nice! eat chocolate for dinner, have friends and relatives around for Easter lunch, eat chocolate, sleep, read, take photographs, oh and eat chocolate.