For sale a large amount of vintage watering cans!

That's it I'm selling them, I don't need them anymore, all they do is hold rain water, lots and lots and lots of it! Can't see me needing them again until October when we will probably be basking in 102 degrees!Anyone else bemused by the weather in the U.K this year?

Cooking for a baby shower.

After saying on yesterdays blog that I didn't do sugary colours today I have spent my entire day with just that!We baked for a baby shower to be held on Saturday, I discovered that a lot of icing sugar and butter makes me feel decidedly ill to say the least, however we are pleased with our end results but I don't want to see any more icing sugar this side of Christmas!

What was it?

Some of you by now will know what I like and what my tastes are from previous blogs. I have been bombarded with all things Easter on my travels just lately, which largely seems to have consisted of pale sugary colours, something which for me, no matter how hard I try I just can't do, so when I found this beautiful time warn container I new that I would be able to do my own personal take on Easter.