Dreaming of a White Christmas - well white and terracotta!!

As I sit writing this I am trying to ignore the banging and crashing coming from my decimated kitchen which is in the process of a re-fit. I know it will be lovely when it is finished but living in one room downstairs which is covered in plaster dust with a mad labradoodle, also covered in plaster dust, is a touch trying at times.

Beautiful New Cushions and Free Postage

Happy weekend everyone. Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful start to Autumn that we are having.

We just wanted to let you know that we have some fantastic new vintage Hungarian Grain Sack cushions in our shop. There are all shapes and sizes so there is  something for everyone. Please have a look on our website  as we think these may sell quickly. They are so on trend right now and blend easily into all interior styles.

Autumnal Musings

It definitely feels like Autumn now, the mornings are chillier and the days are shorter and the most exciting thing for me is the appearance of conkers on the trees. I know its weird but I love to go and collect them and split the spiky green outer to reveal the beautiful shiny mahogany conker within. I then have bowls of them in my house and rearrange pictures, throws and quilts to reflect the changing season. Fiery reds, deep oranges and browns, so cosy on a dark chilly evening with the candles lit.

Cushions, how many do you have?

I am a self confessed cushion collector, in my opinion you just cant have enough! Every chair needs one, all beds need as many as you can possibly stack onto them, and the Sofa well, do you really need to sit on it? My favourites come from LexingtonH&M home, Shops in New EnglandWarren KimbleBetsy Jarvis, The Country Carriage and me.