Our Blogging Style

Hello everyone!

We are lucky to have a lot of new people looking at our website and Facebook posts so we thought that we would introduce all you lovely people to our blog. Obviously we write about quilts and cushions as they are the core of our business but we also love to tell you about nice places we visit and the beautiful walks we take.

For sale a large amount of vintage watering cans!

That's it I'm selling them, I don't need them anymore, all they do is hold rain water, lots and lots and lots of it! Can't see me needing them again until October when we will probably be basking in 102 degrees!Anyone else bemused by the weather in the U.K this year?

More from Petersham nurseries.

Due to popular demand I am showing you the rest of my photographs from Petersham nurseries, I don't really think they need any explanation, just grab a coffee and something nice to eat and sit and drool over such gorgeousness!

What was it?

Some of you by now will know what I like and what my tastes are from previous blogs. I have been bombarded with all things Easter on my travels just lately, which largely seems to have consisted of pale sugary colours, something which for me, no matter how hard I try I just can't do, so when I found this beautiful time warn container I new that I would be able to do my own personal take on Easter.

Two things.

Today I had a session at the Osteopath, it hurt lots, I felt sorry for myself so I bought my self some flowers, they don't make my body feel any better but they are nice to look at. I need a job that pays good money, doesn't involve too much physical exertion, but is interesting and arty, suggestions on a postcard please, or even better offers on a postcard please. Secondly I would like to go and eat at this tree house restaurant , Tom they don't have a video so get yourself to New Zealand quick smart! They need you.