Docton Mill and other things.

The Barn Owl is getting clever, it leaps out of the Dovecott and flies off making it impossible for me to take pictures, unless of course he stands on top of the Dovecott in the pitch black (in these parts of Devon I mean pitch black, the sky is like a planatarium at night, very beautiful) hence the not great picture of him taken with a flash, but you get the gist!

For sale a large amount of vintage watering cans!

That's it I'm selling them, I don't need them anymore, all they do is hold rain water, lots and lots and lots of it! Can't see me needing them again until October when we will probably be basking in 102 degrees!Anyone else bemused by the weather in the U.K this year?

Summer was here briefly today!

This afternoon summer appeared in my garden very briefly, everywhere looks very green and lush after all the rain, my Bee houses are weathering nicely as are my frogs! A certain furry creature was busy looking for birds, frogs or really anything she could catch.