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I have two friends that wanted to visitPetersham Nurseries in Richmond London, we left it until April thinking it would be warmer. It was sooooooo not warmer,  but just as stunning all the same. I have no hesitation in blogging Petersham Nurseries for a third time, it's a beautiful place to have a coffee with gorgeous cake and very pleasant attentive staff.

Two must have books.

I have two must have books to show you even if you don't intend to go to London or New York.They both have the same format and are both made from beautiful card stock paper. They are inspirational for design purposes and highly inspiring. I'm sure after looking at them you will want to go visit these two amazing cities. Don't expect the usual tourist places to visit, more like beautiful hidden gems.

More from Petersham nurseries.

Due to popular demand I am showing you the rest of my photographs from Petersham nurseries, I don't really think they need any explanation, just grab a coffee and something nice to eat and sit and drool over such gorgeousness!

A catch up weekend.

This weekend has been a catch up weekend, which is good as the weather is STILL pretty lousy.We have emptied the loft of my Son's stored belongings as he and his girlfriend move from Winchester to London next weekend. Because we don't have to help move them (horrrrraaaaahhhhhhhh!) we washed all linens and clothes and ironed them. We are good like that, but in reality it is just our way of helping, which as I've mentioned is infinitely better than driving a lorry to the centre of London.

How different is this?

This is how Sketch a restaurant in London is described in a conversation, "I want a room," thought he, " to rest." "Certainly my dear," he was told, "you have a choice of eight." "You lie," said he… on counting he saw only six. "Ah yes, but eight rhymes with cake." "Okay," said he, "what shall I find?" "Well," said the voice, "if you are very hungry and have coins in your pocket, ascend the stairs and you will find a dining hall of such magnificence, it will so take your breath away that your face will be a certain hue.