memory cushion

Decorating for Halloween

With the children breaking up for half term next week we thought we would give you some ideas for Halloween decorating from the capital of Halloween, New England. As you all know Karen is currently there and will no doubt have lots more photographs but here are some from her last trip there.

As Personal and Individual As You Would Like.

During the design and construction of our beautiful memory quilts we are asked to incorporate many items that hold special memories for our clients. These may be badges or dogs or special characters that will bring a smile and hold a memory. They are all so important and we always try to incorporate them whenever we can.

Showcasing our Style with Sally Swannell

Here at A Little Bit of Nice we love all things New England, a touch of Scandinavian and a sprinkling of French style.

When sourcing products for our shop we need to work with designers who epitomise our style and have a similar colour palette to the fabrics we use in our designs.

Cats and Dogs and Cards Galore!

We love to ensure that everything we sell reflects our style and brand and is something we would be pleased to have in our own homes. This is why we chose to stock the stunning cards and notelets from Sally Swannell which blend so well with the colours we love to use for our quilts and cushions. They even have quilts and cushions on some of the designs as well as cats and dogs.

Recycling at its most beautiful

At A Little Bit of Nice we love recycling. It is at the core of our business. We take previously worn and loved clothing and all the memories it holds and give it a new purpose. Our memory quilts bring so much joy to our clients and it is so lovely for us to build a picture in our minds of the person who wore the clothes. There is so much history and so many memories in fabrics and patterns, how they are worn and how they enhance the personality of the person wearing them.