More from Petersham nurseries.

Due to popular demand I am showing you the rest of my photographs from Petersham nurseries, I don't really think they need any explanation, just grab a coffee and something nice to eat and sit and drool over such gorgeousness!

The camera's new home

My old camera has arrived at a very lovely place called Odle Farm near Honiton in Devon Erin who is 12 was taken along by her Mum on a  "Photography on 2 wheels" course, (book both for a nice relaxing week away). You know how it goes, you take your children along with you to keep you company on something you fancy having a go at, and they end up being far better at the task in hand than you! But that is how it's supposed to go right? My sons definitely know and have done far more than I probably ever will, so I've done my job as a Mum.