American quilt challenge

In October 2015 I was lucky enough to visit New England for three weeks. In New Hampshire I like to visit a store called www.keepsakequilting.com. It is filled with thousands of bolts of material all set out beautifully and interspersed with quilts and other lovely things to inspire you to make something lovely. To be honest it's mind blowing and way too much to take in on one visit! Luckily we don't stay far away so at least three or four visits are made on each trip I take to New England, which is such a chore!!!! 

Autumnal Musings

It definitely feels like Autumn now, the mornings are chillier and the days are shorter and the most exciting thing for me is the appearance of conkers on the trees. I know its weird but I love to go and collect them and split the spiky green outer to reveal the beautiful shiny mahogany conker within. I then have bowls of them in my house and rearrange pictures, throws and quilts to reflect the changing season. Fiery reds, deep oranges and browns, so cosy on a dark chilly evening with the candles lit.

A bit of nice on a wet and frustraiting friday

Today I am mostly building a new web site for my quilts, I say today, it has been going on for weeks. The difference with today is that I am determined to get it sorted and will not leave my seat until I have, this may involve loss of hair and lots of not nice words being hurled around, it's a good job I only have my cat Treacle for company.


Over the years I have made many quilts. I was originally inspired by the New England Folk Art look, and 99% of my materials are American as I love all the earthy colours that you don't seem to get in English materials. The soft flannel material is my favourite, it's very cosy. My quilts are made to be used not to be put on show and not touched, my son's had them (and still do), when they were smaller they watched TV wrapped up in them, pulled them around them for comfort when they were ill, and they have taken them with them to their new homes.