Graham Thomas

I have been appreciating roses in other peoples gardens over the last few days, they seem more special at this time of year, probably because I know that this is the last we will see of them until June 2013.This rose called Graham Thomas is a David Austin Rose, Graham Stuart Thomas OBE (3 April 1909 – 16 April 2003), was an English horticulturalist, artist, author, poet and garden designer.

Last of the summer roses, and a bit of America.

I'm enjoying the last of my summer roses, these ones are called Heritage by David Austin. They have been very good this year, they flower twice, once at the begining of June and again at the end of August, I must have had about 300 blooms altogether, they obviously like lots of rain and not too much heat, which is exactly what our summer has consisted of this year, so I guess there is always a bright side to most things!

Vintage everything and don't forget to look back!

I am drawn to old and faded it would seem in most things, including flowers!

In my last blog I was telling you to look up, now I'm telling you to look back, especially at the back of flowers and leaves, they can be just as spectacular as the front, sometimes even more so.

Summer was here briefly today!

This afternoon summer appeared in my garden very briefly, everywhere looks very green and lush after all the rain, my Bee houses are weathering nicely as are my frogs! A certain furry creature was busy looking for birds, frogs or really anything she could catch.