valentines day

Lighting Up For Valentines

We thought this was an appropriate photograph to share with you this weekend. It is called light painting and its done with torches and technical wizardry with the camera. You also need a very dark place to do it. This is not always possible as there are too many street lights so this was done at lowermargate in Devon.

Hope you have a lovely weekend whatever you are doing or whoever you are sharing it with.

Karen and Julie


Real fish!

Last week I was lying in bed putting in my Waitrose food shopping order (sad I know), Valentine's day was looming and I knew we were going to see Cara Dillon at the Ashcroft arts centre in the evening, so time would be tight for cooking dinner, what should I cook? I don't normally cook, my husband does, but I can. So as I was looking through the Waitrose magazine I noticed a recipe for Sea bream baked with fennel and potato, it looked easy so I decided to put the ingredients in the shopping cart, job done, shopping all sorted.