Ordering and Costs

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Cost of Bespoke Quilts

The bespoke quilts are made with great thought and care to an exacting standard.

Each one is individually designed and handmade using the clothing you provide and all the information you wish to include.

Due to the bespoke design and quality the quilts cost from £350 excluding postage. The postage costs will obviously increase depending on the quantity of quilts or items ordered

The cost to send one quilt is £11.00, for two quilts it is £26.60. We ask that the postage costs are included in the final payment.


Construction of the Quilt

The quilt size is approximately 90cm x 110cm, otherwise known as a lap quilt.

These are big enough to display on any size bed, folded over the back of a chair or sofa or just to snuggle under.

Each quilt will be made from the clothing of your loved one incorporating any special elements to reflect your memories and life together. Words can be added on two sides of the quilt if required, additional words may incur an extra charge due to the time consuming process required.

The backing of the quilt will be either good quality cotton or soft flannel due to the size of the material required to hold the layers together.

The wadding used (the middle of the quilt) is either Warm and Natural or Bamboo, both of which are free of chemicals, glues or resins. This therefore makes them suitable for even the youngest child.


Ordering a Bespoke Quilt

To order a quilt in the first instance please contact us through the contact page at the top of the website.

After many exchanges of emails, texts, phone calls or private Facebook, and there will be many as we know this is a big decision, you will be ready for the next step.


  1. Firstly please wash all the clothing that you will be sending. Please don’t worry if something is permanently stained, if it is important to you I may be able to cut around it and incorporate the fabric into the design. 
  2. Cotton material works best for quilts, for example shirts, dresses, skirts and trousers. Scarves, ties, cloth badges (military, school, club, sports etc) are great for embellishment. T-shirts and stretchy material do not work however small pieces may be stabilised if wanted to be used for embellishments. If something is very important to you I can usually find a way to incorporate it, the only failure to date has been knitted items which fray when cut.
  3. The more information you can provide the better.  Maybe some written words about what your special person enjoyed or hobbies, clubs, music they listened to. Anything you feel is important to share to make your quilt as special to you as it can be.
  4. Please include an A4 piece of paper with your name and address in large print inside the parcel so that we know it’s from you.
  5. For all orders we ask for a 50% deposit to secure your order and then the balance to be paid prior to the despatch of the finished item. Either a cheque or bank transfer is acceptable. If you wish to pay by cheque please put this into the clothing parcel in a clearly labelled envelope made payable to Mrs Karen Barclay.
  6. We recommend that you place your clothes into a sealed plastic bag within a box sealed with parcel tape to ensure they all stay within the box. We use Royal Mail next day tracked and signed for service and to date have had no problems but we cannot guarantee the safe delivery of your clothes. If we have clothes remaining at the end of the quilt construction we will ask you if you would like them returned for which we will require the postage cost re-imbursement.
  7. Please do not be afraid to contact us as many times as you need to before the commencement of your quilt. It is very important that we get it right for you but obviously once the quilt design has begun it cannot be changed.


We know we may not have answered all your questions so please do get in touch, besides we love to talk so you would be doing us a favour!